5 Best CBD Dropshipping Suppliers to Use for your Online Store (2023)

Do you want a successful CBD dropshipping business?

Choosing the right CBD supplier is the first step if you want to have a successful CBD dropshipping business. You rely on them to give your customers high quality and good service.

In this article, we list the 5 best CBD dropshipping suppliers in the market right now. You can compare their services so you can choose the one to best help you get your business up and running.

First of all, what is CBD Dropshipping?

Dropshipping CBD products is the most popular way to build an eCommerce store. The entry costs are low, which is great when you are working on a budget and don’t want any risk. Dropshipping also gives you access to emerging markets and popular trends. It’s a great way to get a fast start in the CBD industry with almost no budget. But for any CBD dropshipping model, you’ll require a supplier, or even multiple ones, and that’s why choosing the right company is so important.

Below, we’ve listed the 5 Top CBD dropshipping suppliers, their differences, benefits and features. We’ve checked all the information they provide online and attached links to their dropshipping programs accordingly.

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1. Absolute Nature CBD

Absolute Nature CBD has a special hemp/CBD oil dropshipping program and provides services for hundreds of dropshippers, mostly located in the US, but they are not limited to the US market. Their service is compatible with WooCommerce, Shopify and other popular e-Commerce software. Their CEO, Dustin Jones, is very friendly and will answer your questions promptly to help you choose the best approach for your dropshipping business.

Pros of working with Absolute Nature:

  • All products are lab tested, which helps with marketing on your site
  • Recently awarded “Best All Natural CBD products” in the GHP Medical Marijuana Awards 2019-2020
  • Recommended as Top 10 CBD Oils
  • All products are Non-GMO and made in the US
  • NO minimum order requirement
  • The company is privately-owned and has a lot of experience working with dropshipping partners.
  • API and manual order placement options

Absolute Nature dropships the following CBD products:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Flower
  • CBD Gummies and other Edibles
  • CBD Topical Creams and Salves.

Their range includes products for humans and a line for animals.

It’s important to note that this CBD dropshipping supplier provides both dropshipping and White Label Programs. So, even if you’d like to create your own CBD products brand, they will take all the hassle out of setting it up.

They also provide lots of tech related services, such as: CBD Website Development packages, API Integration (so you won’t have to input orders manually), website maintenance and more. This really helps dropshippers concentrate on their businesses instead of spending all of their time on time-consuming technical issues.

At Digital Octane, we work closely with Absolute Nature CBD designing and developing CBD Dropshipping Websites for the clients who use their Dropshipping Program. And we can personally recommend this supplier as a trusted partner for your business.

From our experience, Absolute Nature is always fast to respond and can answer all of your questions about all of your CBD dropshipping issues, as they have a vast amount of experience as a CBD dropshipping supplier.

You can check more information about this CBD dropshipping supplier and book a consultation on the Absolute Nature’s Dropshipping page.

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2. Joy Organics

Joy Organics is also a popular and heavily advertised CBD dropshipping supplier that provides services to a number of companies.

If you have been researching CBD dropshipping suppliers, you might have seen some of their YouTube videos.

Many of our partners say their experience with Joy Organics is that they respond very fast and give valuable advice. This includes information on choosing the right payment processor for your company, branding your dropshipping business, and answers to the many other questions you might ask a CBD dropshipping supplier.

Pros of working with Joy Organics:

  • They test all their products in a laboratory to ensure the quality of their products
  • For their fulfillment program, they use ShipStation, which is integrated with most of the popular CMS used for CBD eCommerce stores
  • All products are safely packaged and arrive in the same condition as they were sent to the customer
  • This is a big CBD dropshipping supplier, which means there is a good chance it will remain in the market for a long time.

Despite all the pros of this CBD dropshipping supplier, there are some cons. To join their program, you must meet these requirements:

  1. Your website must be up when you decide to join them
  2. Your cart must be compatible with ShipStation
  3. You must have a pre-approved CBD merchant processor to partner with this CBD dropshipping supplier
  4. You must place and pay for your first order when joining
  5. To join the Joy Organics Partners Fulfillment Program, they charge your credit card $625. $125 of that is the onboarding fee and the other $500 is a deposit.

Below is a list of products Joy Organics supplies:

  • CBD Softgels
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Energy Drink
  • CBD Pet Products
  • CBD Cream
  • CBD Salve and Salve Sticks
  • CBD Bath Bombs

Here is their page with all the detailed information about Joy Organics CBD dropshipping program.

Joy Organics also has a separate blog article on the 5 reasons why you should choose them as your CBD dropshipping supplier.

3. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is another big player when you look at CBD dropshipping suppliers in the marketplace. They have strong brand recognition and this might help you to make better sales and scale your business.

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So, let’s get straight into the pros of working with this CBD dropshipping supplier:

  • No inventory and low start-up cost
  • Popular brand – this helps you sell their products in your CBD Store as they have good brand recognition
  • Great operational support as they have a warehouse team that will help you
  • They have a complete guide on their website with certain rules you need to follow if you use them as your CBD dropshipping supplier
  • They have API and manual order placement options

What do you have to do to join their Dropshipping program?

  1. Sign a contract with this CBD dropshipping supplier
  2. Launch an eCommerce website to sell CBD products
  3. Have an approved CBD merchant processor
  4. Have a shopping cart compatible with their dropshipping management system (they don’t say which one)

The products this CBD Supplier provides for dropshipping are:

  • CBD Oils
  • Gummies
  • CBD Capsules
  • Topicals
  • CBD for Dogs
  • Isolates

Charlotte’s Web doesn’t create websites, but you can reach out to Digital Octane to create a great CBD dropshipping website for your business.

Here’s a link to the page with Charlotte’s Web’s dropshipping program.

4. Formula Swiss

Formula Swiss is a CBD company from Switzerland that has its own CBD dropshipping program and provides several different solutions for potential business partners.

Let’s get straight into the benefits of working with this particular supplier:

  • You don’t need to make any investment to join before you receive payments from your customers, so you’ll need very little money to start a business
  • This supplier has hundreds of CBD products available
  • They offer a fully automated set-up, so you won’t have to spent time doing everything manually
  • This CBD dropshipping supplier ships globally to almost all countries – except Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and North Korea – for a fixed shipping cost of €9.95.
  • They pay the EU custom duties and VAT from Switzerland and into the European Union.

Like other CBD dropshipping suppliers, they organize the stock, arrange the distribution, manage the warehouse, and take care of all other shipment issues.

On their website, we didn’t find a list of products Formula Swiss provides for its partners, but there are hundreds of them, so we do not think you will have any problems.

This CBD dropshipping supplier might be a good choice for dropshippers from the European Union because they are located in Switzerland and have a vast amount of experience working in the region.

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Learn more about this CBD dropshipping supplier on their dropshipping web page.

5. Enecta

Enecta is a both a manufacturer and a CBD dropshipping supplier based in Italy. It has both dropshipping and White Label programs for its partners.

So, let’s dive into the main features this CBD dropshipping supplier provides:

  • This company is located in Europe, which means it could be a good option for European dropshippers
  • They have a lot of positive feedback on Trustpilot, which means that they have found a way to satisfy their customers
  • Enecta does the entire production chain from seed to extract
  • They have a support team to help you during any stage of the dropshipping process.

Types of products Enecta provides for dropshippers:

  • CBD Oil
  • Crystals
  • CBD Capsules
  • liquid CBD and a special line for animals

This company also does not provide website development, but you can always order a professional CBD dropshipping website at Digital Octane.

On Enecta’s website, we didn’t find any specific process you need to follow to start working with them as a dropshipper. We suggest you reach out to the company directly via Enecta dropshipping page and send them your questions.

And that’s only a few of them!

Here are some other CBD dropshipping and wholesale suppliers we found on the web. It might be worth taking the time to check their programs to see if they are the right fit for you:

  1. Ecosciences
  2. Longleaf Provisions
  3. Hemp Health Inc
  4. Smoke Drop
  5. Lucky Leaf


Which CBD dropshipping supplier is the best? It depends on multiple factors, such as your location, budget, types products you want to dropship, and other factors. In this article, we tried to share information about the most popular suppliers in the market by outlining the benefits of each company and explaining the way they operate. But you must decide which CBD dropshipping supplier is best suited to the needs of your CBD dropshipping business.

At Digital Octane, we create CBD dropshipping websites that work with ANY supplier or simultaneously with multiple suppliers. You need a completed website before you start working with most CBD dropshipping suppliers, so feel free to reach out to us for advice. We’d be glad to develop a great solution for you, so you can start your business immediately and begin making profits from day one.

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Can I dropship CBD? ›

Can you dropship CBD? You can dropship CBD products through your own online store. Popular dropshipped CBD products include hemp oil, supplements, lotions, and skin care items.

Which dropshipping platform is the best? ›

The 6 Best Drop Shipping Companies of 2022
  • Best Overall: Importify.
  • Best for Value: Worldwide Brands.
  • Best for Newer Businesses: Oberlo.
  • Best for Quality Product Suppliers: Spocket.
  • Best for Integrations and Automation: Inventory Source.
  • Best for Apparel: Printify.

How do I start dropshipping at CBD? ›

How to Start CBD Dropshipping
  1. Register Your Business. When starting an online business, you must file the necessary legal paperwork and other documents, just as you would for a brick-and-mortar store. ...
  2. Choose a Reliable CBD Dropshipping Program. ...
  3. Partner With a CBD-Approved Payment Processor. ...
  4. Build Your Online Store.

Do you need a license to dropship CBD? ›

People who are new to the CBD business might think, “Is it legal to sell CBD?” or “Do you need a license to sell CBD Products?” The answer to both questions is yes. To legally sell CBD products, you need a pair of licenses such as a business license and a resale license.

Are CBD stores profitable? ›

CBD stores can be highly profitable, with data showing that companies are seeing net profit margins of above 40%. The industry is expected to reach $20 billion by 2024.

How do I ask a supplier for a dropship? ›

When you're contacting a supplier, your approach will be more direct, especially if their website mentions they offer dropshipping for retailers. For manufacturers, ask for a list of their wholesale distributors. You can then contact the wholesalers to see if they dropship and inquire about setting up an account.

Is it too late to start dropshipping? ›

It's not too late to start dropshipping, and you can still be profitable with this business model. But old methods aren't good enough. You need to provide your customer with the best online shopping experience possible.

How can I start dropshipping with no money? ›

How To Start A Dropshipping Business With No Money And See Results
  1. Find A Profitable Niche To Work In.
  2. Source Products Within Your Niche.
  3. Pick A Platform To Sell On.
  4. Set Up Your Store.
  5. Add Products And Write Unique Descriptions.
  6. Invest Your Time In Marketing.
9 Mar 2022

Who is richest dropshipper? ›

1: Andreas & Alexander

Andreas Koenig and Alexander Pecka are among the richest dropshippers.

Can you lose money with dropshipping? ›

The simple answer is YES. Yes, you can lose money with dropshipping, but only if you don't have a good plan. You see: Like most other business models—or business ideas for that matter—dropshipping has its fair share of pros, cons, and challenges.

Where is the best place to start dropshipping? ›

10 best dropshipping suppliers
  1. AliExpress. AliExpress is an online marketplace owned by the Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba. ...
  2. SaleHoo. SaleHoo is a wholesale and dropshipping directory. ...
  3. Worldwide Brands. ...
  4. Megagoods. ...
  5. Doba. ...
  6. Wholesale Central. ...
  7. Wholesale2B. ...
  8. Sunrise Wholesale.
11 Oct 2020

Can you dropship Delta 8? ›

Dropshipping is a business model that allows businesses to sell CBD, Delta-8 and other hemp-derived products without needing to neither warehouse and store them nor ship the product orders.

Does eBay allow CBD sales? ›

The online marketplace changed their illegal drug policies to state 'CBD products that comply with all applicable legal requirements may only be sold by permitted sellers only'. eBay still highlights that only CBD products that are THC free are permitted to be sold on their platform.

How do I sell CBD oil wholesale? ›

How to start selling CBD oil online
  1. Obtain licenses. In order to sell CBD, you'll need to get a couple of licenses. ...
  2. Find a certified supplier. ...
  3. Build your website. ...
  4. Market your CBD products. ...
  5. Fulfill and ship customer orders.
29 Jul 2019

Can I sell hemp on Etsy? ›

However, like all online shops, Etsy does not allow sellers to sell anything and everything on its marketplace. Its policies and terms of use ban the sale of controlled substances, including cannabis, narcotics, CBD or steroids.


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