Web Design Maidenhead | Website Design Maidenhead, Berkshire (2022)

Web design Maidenhead. Get support from award-winning web designers in Maidenhead.Our professional team of web designers design and host modern websites for businesses operating throughout the picturesque market town of Maidenhead in Berkshire. We provide a fully managed website solution, our team design and build your website and then manage it for you indefinitely.

Your website will feature beautiful design elements alongside intelligent, functional features that streamline your business processes. Our team design and hostmodern, professional and maintenance-free websites that bring more customers to your business in Maidenhead.

We combine our extensive business knowledge with expert website design skills to create stunning websites that enhance your business or purpose.Our knowledgable and professional team have over 20 years of experience designing and hosting websites for businesses and organisations in Maidenhead.

Supporting Businesses in Maidenhead

We understand the unique business architecture in Maidenhead and our team are experienced in supporting businesses throughout Maidenhead, Berkshire.

We Care About Your Success

We get to know you, your business and your customers to guarantee your website is highly successful.

Exactly As You Want It

We listen to you, your wants and needs and design your website meticulously. We create exactly what you want.

Maintenance Free

Our comprehensive website solution for businesses in Maidenhead leaves you free to focus on doing what you do best.

Get More Customers

Our intelligent and well optimised websites get found online and instil trust in your customers in Maidenhead.

Our Team

Our knowledgable web designers in Maidenhead have decades of experience designing websites for a diverse range of businesses and people throughout Maidenhead, Berkshire

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Web Designer

Max is an talented web designer and web technician with the technical skills to deliver impressive results.

Web Design Maidenhead | Website Design Maidenhead, Berkshire (2)


Web Designer

Graham is a knowledgable and personable web designer with decades of experience building impressive websites.

Why You'll Love Your New Website

Web Design Maidenhead. Our talented web designers understand what it takes to make your website and business successful

User Friendly

Your website will be user friendly and customer-focused. This means your potential customers in and around Maidenhead will find it easy to navigate around your site. Plus, they'll be encouraged to take action.

Looks Great On All Devices

Our websites are fully responsive and look exceptional, no matter what device your customer is using. This is important for a professional image but also means your customers will get the information they need, fast.

Everything You Need

Whether it's an online booking calendar for a beauty salon or a luxury e-commerce shop for a fashion retailer, our websites do it all.

Fast and Reliable

Our websites are fast, so your customers get the information they need, quickly. Our websites are also highly reliable, so they're always there for your potential customers to see.

Modern and Professional

Our modern websites create a professional image for your business. Impress customers with a high-end brochure website or an immersive online sales experience.

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Maidenhead Website Portfolio

We combine creativity with unparalleled technology expertise to deliver websites that make businesses in Maidenhead stand out


Perflection Detailing

High-end boutique vehicle care specialists operating throughout Oxford.

Mobile Training

Award-winning fitness consultancy providing personal training throughout Maidenhead.

TAL Festival

Arts festival based in the picturesque market town of Thame, near Oxford.

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A few Words From Our Clients in Maidenhead

We support a diverse range of businesses and people throughout Maidenhead


Web Design Maidenhead | Website Design Maidenhead, Berkshire (3)

Phenomenal! These guys are the best in Maidenhead. My website is nothing short of spectacular. Thank you for all your hard work, i'd give 10 stars if I could!

Mindy Sampson

Mobile Trainer - Maidenhead

Web Design Maidenhead | Website Design Maidenhead, Berkshire (4)

We are amazed at the level of detail and ingenuity that went into our new website. The phone hasn't stopped ringing since the website went live. Thank you!

Sam Jones

Lite Accountants - Maidenhead

Web Design Maidenhead | Website Design Maidenhead, Berkshire (5)

Our website is nothing short of incredible. We have used many designers in the past but none took the time to understand our business and our people like these guys did.

Web Design Maidenhead | Website Design Maidenhead, Berkshire (6)

Hugely impressed with Max and Grahams approach. They have left no stone unturned in proving an immersive website experience for our customers.

Sian Price

Intel Systems - Maidenhead

Web Design Pricing Options

We have a website design pricing option to suit all needs. Whether it’s an ultra modern e commerce shop or a minimalist brochure site

Bronze Website


Brochure Website

Up to 5 website pages

Up to 10 basic website features

Basic Search Engine Opimisation

Learn More

Silver Website


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Ecommerce Shop or Booking Platform

Up to 15 Website pages

Unlimited basic website features

Ecommerce Shop or Appointment Bookings

Basic search engine optimisation

SSL Certificate

Learn More

Gold Website


Ecommerce Shop & Booking Platform

Up to 30 website pages

Unlimited basic website features

Sell products, accept payments and book appointments through your website

Basic search engine optimisation

SSL Certificate

Learn More

Our Website Design Process Is Simple

We make getting your new website a breeze

  • 1

    Discovery Call

    The first step is to arrange you quick discovery call. You'll tell us about your website needs and receive your website qoute.

  • 2

    Website Design Brief

    You'll complete your website brief to provide us with the content and structure for your new website.

  • 3

    Website Build

    Our talented designers and web engineers get to work building your brand new website.

  • 4

    Your Website Goes Live

    Once you're satisfied with the design, we send your website live. We then maintain your website indefinitely.


What kind of businesses do you support in Maidenhead?

We understand the unique website architecture required for a business to succeed in Maidenhead. Businesses we support in Maidenhead include professional services such as accountants and architects, through to the creative industries such as musicians and artists.

Whether you’re based in central Maidenhead, Bray, Pinkneys Green, Furze Platt, Boyn Hill or Courtlands, we can help.

Is getting a website complicated?

Web Design Buckinghamshire make getting your new website easy. We take care of all the complicated stuff so you can relax, knowing your beautiful website is online for everyone to see.

Our simple 4 Step Design Process ensures you get the website you need, without the hassle. We employ a friendly, down to earth website design and hosting service that puts you in charge of your website; it’s look, feel and it’s features.

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Why should I choose you to build my website?

WDB are highly experienced designers and web engineers. We take care of the entire process, from getting your website name, building your website, hosting the site and even continuing to maintain and secure it for the duration of it’s time online.

We take the time to get to know you, your business and your customers, to ensure your website is successful.We cover every variable necesary to ensure your website looks and functions as you want it to, so you and your customers get the very best from it.

Is there any additional costs involved with getting a website?

There is one additional cost that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a website; an annual website hosting fee. A website hosting fee is a yearly payment that covers the cost of storing your website online.

Website hosting fees are an industry standard practice and all website owners will pay this fee. Click here to find out more about Website Hosting and our competitive Web Hosting Fees.

What is a Website Hosting Plan and why do I need one?

Web Design Maidenhead. Every website on the internet needs to have a Web Host and an associated Web Hosting Plan. A Web Host is a storage location for your website, a little bit like a house. Imagine your website being another item you own, such as a tv. When you buy a tv you have to take it home and store it in your house. Websites need homes just like other items you own and a Web Host is an online house for you to store your new website.

Similarly to your house, your Web Host requires a yearly payment fee, a fee for the convenience of storing your website and everything it’s made up of.Once we’ve built your website, we can host it for you in our Web Hosting “House”.

What happens after my website is built?

Once your website is built, you can sit back to enjoy it, knowing Web Design Buckinghamshire is in the background taking care of things.

Once you’ve purchased yourWeb Hosting Plan, we’ll continue to manage your website from behind the scenes. Websites aren’t entirely self-sufficient, they require maintenance, updates and security. Our Web Hosting Plans include all of this and more.

Can I edit my website?

We know editing your website can seem daunting and that’s why we provide a fully managed website solution. If you’ve purchased one of our Professional or Business Hosting Plans, you can request up to 5 hours worth of edits per month. This is to say, our design team will spend up to 5 hours per month performing website edits for you. You can request edits to the content or design of your website, from the text displayed on your website pages to the colour scheme used throughout the site.

We build your website on WordPress, a widely used website system. With a little practice, it’s possible for you to make edits to your website yourself. You’ll need to have a basic understanding of the wordpress system and this can be acquired via various online tutorials.

If you’ve purchased a Personal Hosting Plan, you can purchase hourly edit blocks for £35 per hour. For every edit block you purchase, our design team will spend 1 hour performing website edits for you. It’s surprising how much our team can accomplish in an hour so, this can be a cost effective way to continue growing your website content and adapting the overall appearance of your site.

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